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A job in law enforcement takes a unique individual and a profession that I view with the deepest respect. Being a civilian, I appreciate the daily sacrifice that these brave men and women make everyday for complete strangers for little on no recognition. I recently had an opportunity to photograph a K-9 team and would like to share one of those images that was used for K-9 Cop Magazine. The K-9's name is Frank and is a cancer survivor but alas passed away recently from complications due to cancer. This is to honor his memory and his devoted service to his handler and his LEO family.



Dan Wesson 1911 Test and Evaluation

I’ll admit it, I was never a 1911 person. I learned to shoot DA/SA and what enjoyed shooting for a long time. Using a decocker is what I used for many years and carrying a 1911 “cocked and locked” didn't appeal to me. I had friends that are 1911 fans and I always enjoyed shooting them at the range but never found a 1911 that I really wanted but when CZ-USA approached me with the opportunity to test and evaluate three Dan Wesson 1911’s that all changed. The Dan Wesson 1911's are wonderful examples of a timeless and classic design.

The fit and finish were top notch for factory produced firearms and something you would expect from a custom 1911 manufacturer. The tolerances were amazing, the finishes were flawless, they are beautiful firearms with wonderful attention to detail and they also ran everything I brought to the range without any malfunctions. Basically, they had me from the first shot, down to the last round. I only wished I brought more ammo because I was thoroughly enjoying shooting them.

Dan Wesson 1911 Valkyrie (.45ACP) - Photo by Pillar Media Group

The CCO and Valkyrie were both Commander length (4.25”) and were both a pleasure to shoot. But when I shot the Discretion, the longest barrel length of the three at 5.75” (threaded barrel), I was blown away. It had all the bells and whistles you could wish for; ported slide, serrated trigger, competition hammer, tritium sights, etc. I am by no means a great shot but I was ringing steel with the Discretion out to 100 yards with ease…it was almost boring, almost. I could not believe what I was hearing when I sent a rounds down range…ping, ping, ping. 

Dan Wesson 1911 Discretion (9mm) - Photo by Pillar Media Group

Here are the targets for all three at 10 yards using Winchester White Box ammo. 

  Dan Wesson 1911 -  CCO (.45ACP)

Dan Wesson 1911 - CCO (.45ACP)

  Dan Wesson 1911 -  Valkyrie (.45ACP)

Dan Wesson 1911 - Valkyrie (.45ACP)

 Dan Wesson 1911 - Discretion (9mm)

Dan Wesson 1911 - Discretion (9mm)

Dan Wesson has made me a fan for life. The quality you get at this price point is simply too good to pass up and would be worth every penny. So to all of my friends that are 1911 fans, I stand with you…shoulder to shoulder, ringing steel out to 100 yards, and with a Dan Wesson on my hip. Thanks CZ-USA…I’m a believer.

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